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Version 2.1 brings you a lot of great functions to make it the most versatile weather station in the App Store!

New functions

  • TI Simplelink SensorTag 2.0 fully supported (barometric pressure added)
  • More weather info (barometric pressure & humidity) for current weather added
  • Enhanced sensor wizard
  • Hint when Estimote Beacon is in reach
  • Added Japanese translation, courtesy of Ritsu Shinozak
  • Added Russian translation, courtesy of Hanna Katargina

Bugs fixed

  • Fixed bug which causes app to crash when a module was moved to a new position
  • Weather data was retrieved more often than needed
  • Bug fixed which caused the app to crash when weather data was retrieved from OpenWeatherMap
  • Problem solved that caused the app to crash when retrieving the temperature from a Estimote Beacon

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