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On the new version of MyWeatherCenter we worked for over 6 months. It’s the largest release since we started developing this app and we are really proud of it!

It’s packed full of great new features and we are sure you will love them! Send us your feedback in the comments below:


  • iPhone 6 / 6 plus barometric pressure sensor: Use your iPhone as an barometer.
  • Estimote Beacon temperature sensor: Determine the temperature of any location, e.g. in the living- or bedroom.
  • Multi-Standard SensorTag 2.0 (CC2650STK): get the weather data from this (currently temperature & humidity, barometric pressure will follow) sensor
  • 5 day weather broadcast: the broadcast of the next days for any location.
  • Current weather of any location
  • Modular views. Customize your weather station:
    • Add any location or the time.
    • Add several sensors.
    • Move the modules to any place you like.
  • Spanish & polish translation (thanks a lot to Sigrid Herrera Wentzel and Hubert Witkowski!)
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