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We are proud to announce the new version 2.0 of iAmAtHome!


With the iAmAtHome app you’ll always know what is going on. Once the home zone is defined, the app remembers when you leave your home and when you come back.

The new version is a complete overhaul of the original app. Switching to region based checkins allows a much better battery life while the app is running. With the option to set feet instead of miles we want to ensure our users in the US can use the app without hurdles.

The biggest feature is the new Facebook integration which allows you to automatically checkin to Facebook places, when you reach your Home-Zone. The annotation icon shows you now if you are in your Home-Zone or not. Switching off background monitoring disables all background tasks of the app.


iAmAtHome 2.0 is available in the iTunes App Store now!

Available on the App Store

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