Know when you got home!

Does this sound familiar? You wake up after a long night of partying and wonder when you might have come home? You cannot ask your friends because they feel just like you. Even on the question of when you actually left home, you could not give an answer?

Now you can simply ask your iPhone. How cool is that?

iAmAtHome was awarded as “App of the week” at www.app-center.de, the leading german App Review Portal!

Download the app now!

With the iAmAtHome app you’ll always know what is going on. Once the home zone is defined, the app remembers when you leave your home and when you come back. And all top secret because the app works quietly in the background!

Your current position and the distance to your home zone can always be tracked on a map. If you leave the app, you will be shown the distance to the home zone within the app icon (when enabled).

Also, you can let your friends know immediately when you are at home and when you’re on the go, simply by posting on Twitter when you entering or leaving your home zone.

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