Find your iPhone without GPS

When do I need FonFinder?


  • Lost your iPhone in the outback and you have no signal?
  • Muted the iPhone, so you can’t call it?
  • Your iPad is somewhere hidden in the house ?
  • Put your iPhone in the handbag? Or in the jacket pocket? But you don’t know which jacket or which bag?

How to use FonFinder

iOS Devices FonFinder

To find your iOS device you just need another one, e.g. from your friends.

On both devices the app has to be installed.

  1. Activate Bluetooth. FonFinder uses Bluetooth Low Energy* (BLE) to locate your device.
  2. Start the App
  3. Tap “Start searching”
  4. Wait some seconds and you will see how far your device is away (up to 25m / 80ft). Use the distance meter to locate your missing device!

* BLE is a technology to transmit data between device. It’s using only a fraction of the battery capacity compared to GPS. Bluetooth can be turned on always.

You will never be worried again if you can’t find your device!

Download it now!

News about FonFinder

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FonFinder works with iOS 8.1.3 on iPad Air

Some days ago Apple released iOS 8.1.3 and fixed a Bluetooth bug. With this iOS version the FonFinder app works with the iPad Air, too! Try it now and ask all your friends with a iPad Air to download the...

FonFinder 1.2.1 – Search on iPad works!

With the new version 1.2.1 of FonFinder the search function on the iPad is working fine again. Tap the search button and the distance to the other device will be displayed: Download FonFinder in the App Store now!...

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